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60 - 1 Minute Conversations

It's not the one, 60-minute conversation.
It's 60, one-minute conversations.

Take advantage of opportunities to have conversations with your child about alcohol. Whether it's in the car, watching TV, or during a meal: share your reasons why they should be alcohol-free. Remember, short conversations that occur more frequently are more effective.

Check out the messages from Edgewood and Northwood Middle School staff below to start the conversations!


Protect Your Teens Developing Brain

Laura Baartmans shares how talking about not drinking underage protects your teen’s developing brain. 


Talk Before it Becomes a Big Event

Carly Shepard shares how HAVING A “TALK” with a child can seem like a big task. That’s why it’s important to talk with them about not using alcohol underage before it becomes a big event. 


Rules to Think About

Bill Steinbach talks about how kids should know you do not approve of them drinking alcohol underage and if they did drink, they would likely be caught. Setting rules for your family is just one way you take care of them every day.


Create a Partnership With Your Child

Mrs. Gutierrez mentions that by now you know that clearly communicating rules to your child is a must. Let them know you are a partner for them to count on and support their choice to not drink underage.


Speak Up About Your Family Rules

Officer Stadler discusses how children can disagree with your household rules but that doesn’t mean the rules change. They’re allowed to be upset about it and you're allowed to take a stand against underage drinking.


1 Minute Conversations Make a Difference

Sarah Holsen shares how talking with your teen about your rules is empowering.


Don't Let Parental Silence Be Mistaken For Approval

Laura Baartmans shares how parental silence around underage drinking can be mistaken for approval and the importance of discussing family rules.


Make Sure Your Child Knows You Have Their Back

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Be Reliable, Be Present Every Day

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Life Is an Endurance Race

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Your Opinion Matters to Them

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Family Limits Still Matter

Jessica Marvin shares you set limits when they were younger. Now it’s time to set the rules on NOT drinking underage.


Set and Communicate Your Family Rules

Mrs. Soto mentions that research shows teens think their parents should have a say in if they drink alcohol underage or not.


Your Perspective Matters

Jory Miller mentions what all caregivers can agree on.


It's Not One 60-Minute Conversation, It's 60 One-Minute Conversations

Bill Steinbach talks about the importance of letting your child know that you want to cherish their future successes.

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Boundaries- Kids really do want them

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Quick Daily Check-ins Really Matter

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You Are Their Role Model

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